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We've successfully setup our ZmartManager customised platform  and I can’t believe how simple it was!

Your API is simple and succinct, but provides everything needed, compared to others.To cut costs I attempted to switch, but their integration verification stage repeatedly failed for me, and customer support just brushed me off. 

So I took my business elsewhere and that’s how I found you, what a great service you’re running here. I’m currently encouraging others to switch to ZmartManager.

Thomas Luff

Terry Nar

Partner at GM Accounting

I highly recommend @ZmartManager for practice management. Dedicated to delivery, great help docs, and a clear and simple UI.

Tom Graham

Nishan Perera

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@ZmartManager's great job on documentation, and templating. I got up and running in a matter of minutes!

Luis Pazmino

Mario Perera

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ZmartManager is superior to our legal practice in every regard.

Michael Whalen‏

Mike Asahford‏

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Using a completely free product and still getting great support from@ZmartManager. 

Andrew Vos

Taridu Madampe

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Personal experience of working with a few other providers recently is that @ZmartManager definitely seems to have the upper hand on speed.

Robert Rawlins‏

Rashmi Singh

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Wow, @gmail deliveries via @ZmartManager is really fast, First it seems to have an excellent #ISP reputation. #transactional #mails #service

David Jimenez

Karim Gupta

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