Partner Questions Answered

Do you have a question about joining Zmartmanager as a partner? We’re here to help.
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What is a saas partner and what conditions apply to saas partners?

Who is a paas partner and what conditions apply to paas partners?

Do we have to pay any fees to become a partner?

Who is a daas partner?

Is there a fee sharing arrangement for the partners?

Do these partnership arrangemets only apply to accountants, book keepers and financial consultants?

Is there a minimum amount of transactions that the partners have to meet each month?

Can any business organization join as a saas, paas or daas partner?

Who are early bird partners?

Are these partner arrangements different from integrations?

Does zmartmanager accept other arrangements?

How can a business improve their profitability, efficiency and effectiveness by becoming a partrner with zmartmanager?

What reports do zmartmanager offer to partners?

How do I download the customer list for my business?

Is customer information secure?

What are additional on - demand services?

Can I see a demonstration of Zmartmanager before becoming a partner?